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Brooks Contracting prides itself on taking the time and patience to make sure the work is being done to the highest standards. We start with the design and work through the permit process till the building permit is issued. Brooks Contracting organizes the engineering, the permitting and the inspections until occupancy is issued. Choosing the proper products, building process and trades for the project is important and time consuming. The design team will also make sure that a specification list is completed by the client prior to the construction of the home. Brooks Contracting has a team of carpenters that will frame, exterior clad, place your hardwood floor, complete your interior millwork and build your cabinets. By completing as much of the work as possible in house we hope to keep the custom home on its intended timeline and monitor the quality. The best trades and proper product selection will make for a high quality product. Establishing good client-contractor communication is important to the success of the project. Brooks Contracting believes customer satisfaction the number one priority.

Brooks custom home building services specialize in:
- Energy efficient framing
- Timber framing
- Custom cabinetry
- Timber and hardwood stairs
- Hardwood install
- Mill work


If you are planning a new build or renovation
and would like to discuss, feel free to call or send
me an email.